Blockchain DeFi

How to get started with DeFi.

A beginners guide, part 1 in a 2 part series.

Chapter 1.

What does decentralised finance (DeFi) even mean?
Good question, It’s the idea that anyone can access financial services be it earning interest on deposits, investing in markets or even borrowing money. So even if you don’t have a bank account you can still have access to all of these services and have the opportunity to take part in financial markets.

Blockchain NFT

Deploying my first Ethereum smart contract

So I finally got into the whole NFT hype going on at the moment, I wanted to try out writing some Solidity code and doing the whole development process of creating something that lives on the blockchain.

I partnered with a visual designer friend of mine, she is a talented artist and I really liked the style of her work. So we decided to create an NFT collection of her Pigs and Pencils art work, the collection would consist of only 32 unique pieces that would be dropped through out the end of 2021 and 2022.